Toys and crafts made by hand from around the world inspired by children and mother-NATURE

Each toy… each craft tells a story of a heritage, culture and of passion with artistic and humane expression.

Halloween 2014 Playing Mantis Storefront

Visit the playing mantis window with hand painted witches and pumpkins and celebrate Halloween with magic.

Autumn at Playing Mantis

“I believe I can make a difference to a few, not just to artists and craftsmen, but to some children who would marvel about the natural toys a bit longer before picking up another plastic toy, i-pad/ i-phone or video games. The store exists to inspire children, showing them what our hands can do in collaboration with nature. How it can spin, carve , knit whittle and color. How it can create and stimulate our minds to make things  so beautiful and functional.” -  imelda mccain  - more

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”  –  Albert Einstein  –