It is the first snowfall of 2013…. as if the clouds from above descended and settled in the grass, on trees and rooftops. It is so fresh…. unbranded, unmarked by neither foot nor paw prints. Once in a while the wind swooshes lifting the snow from branches …as they dance and then lightly flutters against the silver sky.
Around me…. so white , so soft and so quiet. So unlike the Decembers of the East. Can you hear our childhood with the jingling of bottle caps strung in rustic wires as they sing carols for the night.
…fireplace crackles and voices echoes. Santa Clause has left our home on holidays…. taking his reindeers and his sleigh. Video games and electronics tops the Christmas list. Cheers!! Clink those glasses filled with bubbles and bottled spirit of vodka and gin. But there is no David’s star in the window seal…nor baby Jesus in nativity scene. So I gather more logs to feed the night with crackling fires , light some candles and read old tales about Jesus Christ.
I think about my mother back home…putting up our Christmas tree with crooked branches and tarnished garland of silver and gold…. surrounded by the memories of her children before they were old. I missed the Christmas I once knew… but grateful for my son and husband that keeps the spirit true….

Merry Christmas to all….