Making TIME Matter

necessity of pause

Ten years after….

Somewhere in N. Moore street between Varick and Hudson is home to Playing Mantis. Behind the red framed door that chimes upon opening and closing are walls with carefully displayed wooden and woolen creations ….it is where I welcome adults and children alike

Happy Autumn

“Mom, let’s go for a walk by the stream”.
Thrilled by my son’s request who is now 15.
I packed some apples and warm soup,
He packed some dog treats and toys
for Datu who is also now a teen
Autumn has ripened Read more


Mother’s Day

Today I realized how I just stepped into another season of motherhood . My son who is now 15 ask me to help him with his tie as he gets ready to play  violin for school orchestra.

Coming Home 2015

Do you come home to kiss the hand of an elder? or take a hand of a lover? walk the beach visit the streets familiar to your feet?

Autumn at Playing Mantis 2014