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Human Endurance

Dearest Playing Mantis family and friends,

How do you begin a message of optimistic innocence in times like this? Mid into 2021 and the shifting has not settled . We are behind the intelligence and emotions of human capacity.  Lessons  of perfect science constantly changing teaching us how imperfectly human we are.
Then LIFE fights back. Resilience slowly reminding us of HOPE. The courage of surviving in memory of those lives that slipped away.
Talking to young minds, listening to their future, their voices so different from what my parents have echoed. Science and Technology have made a leap with our children in tow. I have to trust their beauty and kindness.
Everytime a parent comes to the store, innocence walking behind them so eager to grow and explore. I too , from the other end is just as curious and sometimes more hesitant than my younger life . The lesson is : I don’t know better today … but will meet the new somewhere and sometime halfway.
This is Playing Mantis……a constant space for open minds. Where wisdom is learned from the freedom we have ignored. It is that space where we expand, explore and elevate to an unfamiliar kind of emotional intelligence.
I am in awe of our endearing endurance as humans.


Making TIME Matter

necessity of pause

Ten years after….

Somewhere in N. Moore street between Varick and Hudson is home to Playing Mantis. Behind the red framed door that chimes upon opening and closing are walls with carefully displayed wooden and woolen creations ….it is where I welcome adults and children alike

Happy Autumn

“Mom, let’s go for a walk by the stream”.
Thrilled by my son’s request who is now 15.
I packed some apples and warm soup,
He packed some dog treats and toys
for Datu who is also now a teen
Autumn has ripened Read more


Mother’s Day

Today I realized how I just stepped into another season of motherhood . My son who is now 15 ask me to help him with his tie as he gets ready to play  violin for school orchestra.