Fundraising Evening – Hope for the holidays

Thank you all for a very successful evening – Your support and kindness is greatly appreciated

Fundraising Evening

Join us for a fundraising evening of restoring hope to the victims of typhoon Yolanda

December 1, 2013 between 4:00 – 7:00 PM
100% profit from (including web sales) will be donated to the Philippines
Refreshment and Music will be provided

Playing Mantis
32 North Moore New York, NY 10013
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Ulan (Rain) Carefully she slipped off her black shiny shoes, rolled out her bright white socks , and carried them with her index and forefinger . Between where she stands and the school… flood flows like a gentle stream. For 25 centavos a man carries her to the dryer side where you could see the flag with a sun and 3 stars waving like a sail in the middle of the storm. She then puts her shoes and socks back on and with no hesitation marched inside the gates. That girl was me……

No matter how severe the weather was…we made it to school with a strong plank or a pair of strong arms . Sometimes not as dry… strong winds turning over our umbrellas like a dead spider without its web. My childhood and the rain….without raincoats nor boots . Just the pool of puddles and the water pouring as we danced and skipped letting it refresh us. I don’t remember anyone drowning , nor people losing their homes and their neighborhood altogether. A tragedy like this takes me home…..and we need strong arms and planks to carry us through

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icon-treeCan’t make it on that date? Visit our online store. All sales on December 1 are dedicated for typhoon Yolanda fundraising.

Typhoon Yolanda Information

  • Official Gazette (Philippines Government)
  • Missing Persons search
  • Maps, news, and more resources from Google


A special gift certificates dedicated for Typhoon Yolanda Victims are now issued and can be purchased in any time by visiting our online store.
Thank you for helping typhoon Yolanda victims!