Snowfalls slicing opposite my destination, fibers collecting flakes…

Snowfalls slicing opposite my destination… catching flickers of its cold. I feel it touch and tingle on my face like a spark of freeze.
It is the season so far away from childhood and home.
I smile in sentimentality memorizing time. Too curt to cherish in the interim.
My son is a sophomore in college and I am now a version of old from his age point. Wood’s been carved and wool spun…delicately spreading their shape and shadow between the walls of my store. It is where I indulge innocence a little longer. Outside life grows strange and i instinctively crave more of the past and cowers from the future. My hands feels out of time in pulling the words and wool while my mind recycles memories …. spinning, felting and writing stories that inspires .
Outside Playing Mantis….history loops in many faces of fear and faith bouncing between salvation and condemnation.
Merry Christmas and cheers to a kinder kind of jolly 2020.

Imelda 2019